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How to play 3D Lotto?

How to play 3D Lotto?

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to play 3D Lotto, also known as Swertres, offered by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO):

Understanding the Basics:

  • Objective: Match a three-digit number combination drawn three times daily by the PCSO (at 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM).
  • Minimum Bet: The minimum bet amount for Swertres can vary depending on the authorized PCSO agent or outlet you visit. It’s typically a small and affordable amount.

Playing Swertres:

  1. Locate an Authorized PCSO Agent: Look for individuals or establishments displaying valid PCSO authorization for Swertres operations. These agents are often referred to as “bookies.”
  2. Choose Your Betting Option: Swertres offers various betting options, catering to different risk tolerances and preferences. Here are the main ones:
    • Straight Bet: This involves selecting a specific three-digit number combination you believe will be drawn. If your chosen combination matches the exact order of the winning numbers, you win the highest prize.
    • Ambito Bet: Here, you select multiple three-digit number combinations. If any of your chosen combinations match the winning numbers (even if not in the exact order), you win a prize, though the payout will be lower compared to a straight bet win.
    • Verbal Bet (Limited Availability): In some areas, verbal bets might be accepted. This involves communicating your chosen three-digit combination directly to the authorized PCSO agent. Always clarify the rules and limitations surrounding verbal bets before participating.
  3. Place Your Bet: Clearly communicate your chosen betting option and numbers to the PCSO agent. Ensure they understand your selection and confirm the amount you’re wagering.
  4. Receive a Betting Slip: For documented bets, the agent should provide you with a betting slip as proof of your participation. Keep this slip safe for verification purposes in case of a win.
  5. Await the Draw: Draws typically happen at designated times throughout the day: 2 PM, 5 PM, and 9 PM. You can inquire about draw schedules from the PCSO agent.
  6. Check Your Results: After the draw, authorized PCSO outlets will display the winning three-digit combination. You can also verify your results with the PCSO agent or check the official PCSO website (https://www.pcso.gov.ph/).

Claiming Your Prize:

The process for claiming your Swertres prize depends on the amount you win. Here’s a general guideline:

  • Small Wins: For smaller prizes, you can usually redeem them directly from the authorized PCSO agent where you placed your bet.
  • Larger Wins: For larger prizes, the agent might need to forward your winning slip to a designated PCSO branch or claim center for verification and prize disbursement.


  • Always claim your prize within the designated timeframe specified by the PCSO.
  • Present a valid ID for verification when claiming your prize, especially for larger wins.
  • Play responsibly and set a budget for your Swertres participation.

Additional Tips:

  • While some players analyze past results, it’s important to remember that Swertres draws are random events.
  • Focus on having fun and enjoying the excitement of the game.
  • If you find yourself struggling with gambling addiction, organizations like PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) offer support programs. Their website (https://www.pagcor.ph/) provides resources and contact information.

Enjoy playing Swertres responsibly!